A clash of steel might look more exciting on the surface, but a precise arrow can be just as impressive, cutting through ...― Other-world stories (or isekai) have become familiar to consumers of Japanese light novels, and they rarely seem to come with grave consequences for their protagonists, at least not always life-or-death one...

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With his memories (and associated baggage) out of the picture, it now becomes possible for Rito to actually come to terms with his feelings for the girls around him.

Out of the 11 heroines, who among them will become the True Princess of his heart?

As such, I'm bringing to you a collection of more Anime like To Love Ru from its own uprising genre.

With all of that being pointed out, enjoy the youthful peak of happiness and fun as you swing through this list of anime like To Love-Ru.

Watch them, and you'll find yourself laughing on ends with the compelling story-lines and the occasional pieces of fan-service.

To Love-Ru Plot Scenario: Rito Yuuki has always been a reserved boy who can't seem to confess his feelings to his crush, Haruna Sairenji.

Unlike most dating sims, Rito starts out already knowing all the potential girlfriends and so the game revolves around him developing serious feelings for them without the baggage that holds him back in the anime/manga (primarily his childhood crush on Haruna Sairenji).

If your OTP is Yui Kotegawa, they can get together.

Without inhibition and needless subtleties, some of these anime titles just seem to go all-out with their own sensational whims.