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You may ask how I can believe in an inerrant Bible if I don’t believe the Flood was global.

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However, this cannot be true, because the dinosaur footprints all exist in the same Mesozoic rock layers, as do all the dinosaur coprolites (fossilized dinosaur poop), and fossilized dinosaur eggs.

Clearly, the dinosaurs were alive and well, after the declaration in Genesis -23 that all living things were killed during the first forty days of the flood.

However, looking at the positioning of the rock layers, there are thousands of feet of sediment below these layers that the young earth theorists claim were deposited by the Flood.

To make this more understandable, let’s look at the Grand Canyon.

The Bible says the waters covered the entire face of the earth (Gen. However, when considering any writing, one must take into account the author’s point of view. He is writing the story from the viewpoint of the witnesses, or, mankind.

At the time of the Flood, mankind was still limited to the Middle East. You are in your house, and a flood comes and covers your entire house, leaving you sitting on your rooftop, with no land in sight.

It is interesting to note that all the dinosaur fossils, including the mass graves, are Mesozoic in age.

This means that all the dinosaurs died in the receding water phase of the flood.

Young earth creation science proponents are quick to use dinosaur graveyards as evidence of Noah’s Flood.

They claim the dinosaurs herded together, and then were quickly buried. The dinosaur graveyards referred to are mostly in North America, in sediments in Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, and Canada.

Therefore from his viewpoint, global would be the correct word, even though there is no proof that the Flood actually covered the entire earth.