For those who were born from March 21st to March 31st, they are members of the Aries sign.

Previous print and online editions were curated by a board of Editors, founded by the late Professors John F. Abbreviations are arrived at after discussion by a variety of stakeholders, including Joshua D. Editors are strongly urged to let us know when new volumes are published.

Wilcken, Berliner Akademieschriften zur Alten Geschichte und Papyruskunde I [Leipzig 1970] 39—104).

Republished in UPZ II 205—207, 214—215, 217—221, 226—228.

Not all the texts are edited or reprinted in full and they are not numbered serially.= , ed.

Further texts published in Anekdotoi philologikoi kai idiôtikoi papyroi, ed.

(Bibliothêkê tês en Athênais Philekpaideutikês Hetaireias 17); reprinted in SB VIII 9860—9862.

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