These apps provide access to millions of people offering a widening universe in which those intent on violence can prowl.

The state of Illinois has complex gambling laws in place and is currently in the process of legalizing online gambling for Illinois residents.

In this overview, we break down the current law for Illinois resident that wish to gamble online and provide you with information about the laws that are that are in the process of being passed.

According to law enforcement, there's no way to know what percentage of sexual assaults are linked to online dating.

In 2012, Illinois adopted the Internet Dating Safety act, requiring online dating websites to disclose whether or not they conduct background checks on members.

There are also free downloadable e Books available through CALI's e Langdell® Press. Originally published in 1926, the current edition is the 20th, which is updated periodically to reflect new types of citations.

List of CALI lessons is a style manual that contains the national citation rules most often used by U. is divided into Bluepages and Whitepages--the former being a guide for citing authority in non-academic legal documents--and a series of tables.

Online dating companies such as E-harmony,, and Sparks network have pledged to check users against sex offender registries and criminal backgrounds.

A recent study by Pew Research in Washington found that 30 percent of online daters search about their possible date before meeting them.

Where the Bluepages and local court rules are silent, defer to the Whitepages.