Later on, when I asked my girlfriends for their opinion, they couldn't believe what I had written.

I was revealing all secrets women would never tell men.

They were dating from the male perspective and in a way that seemed right to other guys; but this wasn't communicated clearly to women!

They were sent from great guys, who no matter what they tried, always seemed to find that beautiful women ended up dating jerks and never calling them back.

Now, you might be wondering what all these guys are doing emailing me their questions, but as a professional Wing Girl, it's my duty to be the girl who gives it to guys straight of the dating community.

Arash, who mentioned a number of times throughout the evening that he had five girlfriends, bragged: 'The guys who are speaking here are at the highest level and they're involved in changing people's lives because they've had enough sex.

Also at the conference was Nick Hawk, a heavily tattooed celebrity gigolo with a sculpted body, who had two glamorous-looking girls permanently at his side everywhere he went while he sipped from a Swarovski crystal encrusted chalice with his name on it.

I can already see some positive effects on our relationship, and the best part is that every tip in the book is described in such a way as to be positive and respectful to both sides.

Some of the material in the book is a little crude and/or vulgar at times, which is why I give it four stars instead of five.It wasn't them; it was "The Game" they had been told to play.They had the best intentions, but they were going about attracting and dating beautiful women in all the wrong ways.Now when I go out, meet with clients, call, or email these great guys back, I get something in return.I get to see them finally date the women they have always wanted and deserved.But what you see when you look at each one of these men is pain and fear - that they have been living in situations where they have been lonely.