If you are going to allow employees "coming on" to other employees, you have to first make very clear the company policy on harassment.If an employee is not interested in, or receptive to, an advance from another employee, it should end there. are appropriate preludes to dating, but only if the receiving party is comfortable with them.When people are happy they tend to be more productive and have fewer health issues.

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For instance, it is never a good idea for a manager to be romantically involved with a subordinate in their own organization. If two employees marry and have children, one employee may leave the company to raise the children.

Situations such as this should be clearly spelled out in the company policy as inappropriate and subject to corrective action. There is nothing you can, or should do, about this except be prepared to hire a replacement.

Make sure everyone in the organization knows the policy, and knows the penalties for violating the policy.

A "broken heart" can be a severe emotional stress for some people.

We spend a third or more of our lives in the office or other places of work.

It is a non-threatening environment where we have an opportunity to meet potential dating partners and learn more about them than just what they look like.

In an extreme case, the emotional stress may lead an employee to lash out and commit an act of violence.

The upside to romance in the office is that you will have some happy workers.

Yet romantic involvement between employees is loaded with dangers for both the employees and for their employer.