(Bradford's backups in 2011 didn't qualify.) His replacement Kellen Clemens averaged 3.76, 20th best.Bradford's 44.5% of passing yards as air yards was second worst, Clemens' 54.3% was 12th best.

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With the same supporting staff, Clemens had no qualms about throwing the ball deep.

With nearly the same players (Kenny Britt the only notable addition) and coaching staff in 2014, Austin Davis was 19th, Shaun Hill was 22nd, and both had a better completion percentage and yards per attempt than Bradford did in about as many attempts in 2013.

Joining a team mid-season can be difficult, but Lloyd knew the playbook and was thrown to 85 times in 8 games by Bradford, more than any other Ram for the entire season.

His support staff on the sidelines was equally as weak as his teammates.

For every argument in favor of Bradford there is an argument against him.

His surrounding talent was weak, but his backups did not perform significantly worse, and in some aspects performed better.

In the three seasons that Bradford didn't play a full season or at all, they usually slipped, 28th in 2011 (an injury plagued season for the offensive line), 14th in 2013, 23rd in 2014.

Some expect that with the best surround talent Bradford has ever had, and under a coach whose offense is leaps and bounds better than anything he saw in St.

Bradford threw within five yards of the line of scrimmage 58 percent of the time.