Hehehe~~~ Irritatingly sweet…There’s nothing much to do at night.

We stayed in the room watching TV, reading newspaper and cuddling.

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We watched ‘Caught on Camera’ on AXN, and the episode talked about Crowd Control where one of the stampede tragedies took place in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

It was such an eerie tragedy it bugged me up til yesterday…

Hon’s Date Spark was the reason I started email him (yeah, I made the first move, I admit), and he admits he purposely wrote that idea to lure me with keywords like embrace the nature, waterfall, beach and coffee LOL!

The flight was at 2145 Friday night, and I estimated an hour drive from Kangar, plus and minus the traffic and my uncertainty of the way to the airport.

The next morning, we woke up to fresh air, greenery environment and serenity. The menu was typical: nasi lemak (the sambal is finger licking good! We took another dip in the stream after breakfast, but it was waaaay too cold to put myself into the water, so the most I could do was to sit on the rock with water running on it.

No necesitamos de altas tecnologías, materiales novedosos ni sistemas complejos para conseguir una temperatura y humedad agradable en el interior de nuestros edificios.The effort is good enough, and, flights are definitely better muahaha!*Date Spark is one of the features in to write down the date ideas you want to have and see if any member is interested with it.We took a quick tour around our room (Hon was disappointed), went to the reception to ask about the stream, and took a tour around the resort.The stream was at the back of the resort, where it flows through few resorts.The coffee house has a small stream running beside, the forest-y view is definitely awesome, and everything is so great! Janda Baik is a small village deep inside the forest beside the Karak Highway, and slowly transforms into a tourist attraction for the city people to get away from the city and experience the forest, orchard, and village life.