#7 Spanish sources mention this sultan and his line of descent as - Sultan Nula Alam (Nur ul-Alam) or Lixar (Rijal), son of Sultan Aril Lula (Jalil ul-Alam), son of Sultan Salan (Shah Alam), son of Sultan Sulaiman.


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He constructed the first mosque and the stone fort 'Kota Batu' east of Bandar Seri Begawan, introduced the system of flags and the Bongkok sword. Crowned before 19 does not suggest a Johor princess, since this title is used for a married aristocratic lady from Borneo or the Philippines.

In a very slightly different form, the title could also refer to a Bugis princess or noblewoman.

As such, the title does not appear in any Johor records until much later in the eighteenth century.#4 The Spanish invaders of 1578 mention that this sultan was a direct descendant of a Malay ruler originally from "Cauin" (same as Geying or Ko-ying? He reigned 300 years before the Spanish conquest, visited China and received robes of investment by the Chinese Emperor. Sultan Saif ul-Rijal apparently threw the gold inscribed tablet recording the genealogy overboard when trying to outrun his pusuers.

Nevertheless, the Spanish officials were able to interview some of his officials, servants and relatives, and to establish this limited genealogy.

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