The son comes down while they are eating and starts beating the mother again.

This does not surprise or bother the father, or the visitor.

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Her young son, Takuya, comes in and starts throwing things at the already broken apartment walls because he is unhappy with the toothbrush his mother bought him. Later, bullies from the son's school come to the front of the house and shoot fireworks through the son's bedroom window. It does not seem to have a huge effect on her, though, suggesting she is a regular user.

On his way back from work, the father is yet again hit on the head by the same man.

The film starts off with a question: "Have you ever done it with your Dad?

"; the viewer then sees Miki Yamazaki, a young prostitute, trying to persuade her father, Kiyoshi, into having sex with her.

The wife—instead of being downtrodden, as usual—comes back with a carving knife and throws it at the head of her son, who dodges just in time. However, the father becomes exhilarated when the schoolchildren start attacking his house with fireworks again, which he videotapes.

Meanwhile, the mother and the visitor continue to eat peacefully. The father is taping his son from his car with the visitor and his female co-worker.He films it from a distance and appears very pleased with the footage. The viewer discovers her body is covered in marks from where the son has hurt her. The father meets with a female co-worker (Asako Murata), who believes he is going too far in his work.The mother, working as a prostitute, is whipping a customer with a belt (at his request). When she gets home, she discovers the pieces from her jigsaw have been arranged so as to form a trail through the house and ending at a photograph of her daughter.The film then moves on to a scene titled "Have you ever hit your mom?" In this scene, the mother, Keiko is working on a jigsaw puzzle, and her hands are shown to have red marks, showing where she was beaten.It wasn’t new turf for anime, but Shinkai’s fluid animation...