They would have never got that out of me." What do you think of Justin Bobby's confessions?Sound off below then click "Launch Gallery" for more "Hills" stars then and now!Justin and Audrina met while Justin was working as a hairdresser for the band Maroon 5.

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"We could talk about it and you couldn't do that with most because it would be leaked. It never evolved into anything too heavy, but we definitely went through an experience of doing TV and filming and traveling and having laughs and she's still a dear friend to this day." Justin's also not too fond of the way MTV portrayed him as a bad guy on the series.

He says that one episode in particular, where he supposedly left Audrina at a party, was completely scripted.

But I feel like there was a lot more of the arts that could have been shown and a lot more humor that I think we got towards the end that started to lighten it up," he admits.

"They were really digging for the bad boy that wasn’t ever going to be seen.

I’m not that type of guy." Justin isn't the first one of his castmembers to admit that the shows storylines were faked.

Brody Jenner also revealed that his relationship with Lauren Conrad was completely made up for the sake of good TV.

For the most part, he's been doing his part to avoid the spotlight, as the article notes he's been focused on his two passions, hair and music.

Despite his absence from the mainstream, he's still got that special place in our teenage heart.

"'J-Bobby leaves Audrina empty handed at a beach party.' And then they’d show me the clip and she's holding the helmet crying.