The plugin was created in early 2006 by Eugene Kuleshov, and was developed under the auspices of the Codehaus community for two years.

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To install JIRA integration with Mylyn, add the Mylyn extras Eclipse update URL, you'll want to do this if your organization uses Atlassian's JIRA for issue tracking.

If you are installing the 0.9.4 release of m2eclipse, you may also want to install both the Web Tools Platform ( WTP) and the Aspect J Development Tools ( AJDT).

To install the m2Eclipse plugin, you will need to install some prerequisites.

You will need to be running Eclipse 3.2 or higher, JDK 1.4 or higher, and you will also need to make sure that Eclipse is running on a JDK and not a JRE.

At the same time, Apache Maven continues to mature, and has grown to be the industry standard for creating extensible and reliable enterprise builds.

While it is certainly possible to develop applications in Eclipse and use Maven as a command-line build tool, most developers expect the IDE to know how to invoke and interact with the build tool they are using.After you click Finish, Eclipse will then ask you to select plugins components to install.Select the components you want to install and Eclipse will download, install, and configure your plugins.In this article, we will explore the features m2eclipse provides and help you start using an Eclipse plugin which provides real Maven integration for the best IDE platform available.After reading this article you should have enough information to install the m2eclipse plugin and start creating or importing existing Maven projects into your Eclipse workspace.The m2Eclipse plugin provides Maven integration for Eclipse.