With the Material Girl in attendance, the Bronx Bombers beat the Cincinnati Reds 4-1.Of course, it did start to pour in the sixth inning, so not everything went smoothly, but the heavens tend to open up for Madonna.

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Kate Hudson: Good Luck Rooting for: Yankees Number of games attended: 3 Number of games won: 2 Boyfriend’s stats: 1-7, 2 RBIs, 4 runs When you date one of the best players in baseball, the least you can do is catch a game or two.

So far, actress Kate Hudson, who is currently dating A-Rod, has been to three of her boyfriend’s baseball games and her effect on the team has been mixed.

The actress’ most recent journey to Yankee Stadium turned out to be less successful.

Last Saturday, Hudson was again seen in the stands, but the Yanks blew a late-game lead and lost to the Tampa Bay Rays 9-7.

He’s the guy on the stadiums video screen chanting, “Let’s go Mets.” During the team’s epic collapses of the 2007 season, Rock could be seen at every home game for the Mets.

Needless to say, his support did not lift his team to the playoffs.On her website she writes, “I have over 30 New York Yankees T-shirts,2 New York Yankees Jersey,1 Yankees bag 3 Yankees key chains, 2 Yankees pencils…"She’s also good luck. Lo was famously photographed sitting with her then boyfriend, Ben Affleck, way back in 2003, watching the Red Sox play the Yankees in the playoffs.The Yankees won that game but went on to lose the series. Lo’s husband, singer Marc Anthony, was also born in New York City, but he pulls for the Mets. Anthony watched the last regular season game ever played at Shea Stadium last season.Edie Falco: Good Luck Rooting for: Mets Hometown: Brooklyn Edie Falco threw out the first pitch before a Mets-Nationals game at Citi Field on Wednesday, May 27, 2009.Unlike other celebrities who have embarrassed themselves by bouncing the pitch to the catcher, Edie showed off her arms, beaming a strike right across the plate.If Yankees fans want A-Rod to win for the team, they should pray he loses the girl.