‘I met her sometime back, when Paul Mc Cartney gave a party on the Queen Mary boat. Two years went by before I saw her again, which was at a club on Sunset Blvd called the Roxy. The next day she invited me to join her at Hugh Hefner’s house to watch Roots on videotape.She got sort of bored, so we went outside and got into the jacuzzi. We both had on bathing suits, just enjoying ourselves.

And that’s it.” The next day, thirteen-year-old Tatum invited Michael to a dinner party at Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner’s rambling Holmby Hills estate, long a playpen for the chic Beverly Hills jet set. When Michael began to blush, Tatum asked one of Hefner’s assistants for two swimsuits, then handed one to Michael.

There they watched Roots, the highly rated Alex Haley television miniseries, on videotape. Tatum’s hair at this time was soft blond and flowed just below her shoulders.

After the critical acclaim she received acting with her father Ryan in Paper Moon she was in the same position as Michael.

Everywhere she went Tatum was the centre of attraction.

But Buchanan reported that, in the end, Michael refused their offer of sex.

As a result, he was taunted and embarrassed in front of the other party goers.

Halfway through the movie they were watching, Tatum, then fifteen years old and light years ahead of Michael in sophistication, led her more innocent date outside for some fun and relaxation in the backyard. You’ve been seen out with Janelle Penny Commissiong, the former Miss Universe. Yet Tatum has so far failed to persuade Michael to move up to Malibu to be near her. (Someone mentions Michael) Tatum: Well, Michael was there. (Show a picture of her and Michael) And it was just the craziest birthday and I remember going ‘Where were you dad? ” You were at the beach house.’ Michael Jackson’s first date is still his current one – but he isn’t saying it goes beyond that.

Discarding their clothes they slipped into the roiling hot tub. ”Girls,” he complains, ”want all your time.” [..] (Michael is) planning a three month tour with his brothers of, among other places, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines and Singapore. Jackson, who is part of the box office success of the film version of The Wiz, still dates teen actress Tatum O’Neal, who he said was really excited for me when I was cast for (it).

“We weren’t naked,” Michael firmly pointed out in an interview, “as people have said.

We both had on bathing suits, just enjoying ourselves. Why do people have to always find something dirty in everything?

Her father Ryan flirted with me a little, so Tatum sat on Michael’s lap (she was still a kid, although she had won an Academy Award).” Rumours of Michael’s love life abound. This is at Paul’s party at Harold Lloyd’s estate, right around the time when Paul and his wife and I, were were talking about the Girlfriend song, and exchanging numbers and addresses. He could obviously be part of that frantic show biz social circle but chooses, nearly all the time, to avoid it “That way of life isn’t for me,” he said. It was more sophisticated than anything he and his brothers had ever done, and Michael won the 1979 Grammy for Best Rhythm and Blues Male Vocal for one of the singles from it.