If a 26 year old man wanted to date my 14 year old daughter.. Weird how times have changed.I wonder why it was acceptable back then. The adult is the one who, again, is the adult in the situation and should know better.The adult is old enough to know it is not right, both legally and morally and if it should happen the minor is the one who "initiates it then the adult should be the responsible one and say no and walk away. if the adult says no, and no sex or relationship followed ?I guess the way that I see it is, have they been going to school together or known eachother for a long time? I guess the way that I see it is, have they been going to school together or known eachother for a long time? Some parents CAN press charges just for not liking a kid when he/she turns 18 but should they really be considered sex offenders when they are dating a person a year younger?

What's crazy is back in the old days it was so commom.

My grandfather was 26 and married my nanny who at the time was 14.

do you still insist the adult is at fault or responsible ???

if the minor keeps pursuing the adult, tried her very best, until the adult surrenders himself to this young predator itchy b**chy b**ch, do you still insist that the adult is responsible or at fault ?? and i had been talking to a young lady that was 15.

I am asking, what is wrong with these 19-23 year old men who are out picking up on 14, 15 and 16 year olds they don't even know.

There has to be something mentally wrong with men that age even considering the thought of dating girls that young let alone follow through it.

It seems to be a growing epidemic and personally, I find it not only disgusting for someone that age to even look at a child that age but also disturbing.

Now, I have no doubt there will be comments from those defending this behavior and most if not all will come from the minor doing it and the adult being the perpetrator. Hi Harley, I am actually now on both sides of the coin.

If the minor continues to "chase" them, then contact their parents and have them put a stop to it.

I am not talking about the kids in high school where they are 16 and 17 and then the 17 year old turns 18.

shew could say it did and i'd still get in trouble. (talking means like ...almost dating for those who donno.) Or is this considered okay?