Women playing coy may be interpreted by some men as a sign of indifference or lack of interest.If you are really interested in the guy, then this will not work. Quit It When It Is Not Working Women in the past seem to have more patience with their dates.

You can’t expect a perfect ten out of ten, but you should have a list of the essential qualities that you are looking for.

Remember, too, that just because a man is physically attractive doesn’t guarantee that he will make a good partner, there’s a lot more to a person, than just that. It may take time, so don’t settle for second best All the time you are with Mr Wrong, Mr Right could be passing you by. If you’ve had a string of bad experiences, then maybe it’s time to start looking in different places for the man of your dreams. The way that you look, dress and behave can have a lot to do with the type of men that you attract.

But nurturing every new opportunity is how you’ll be ready when the right one comes along.

The changes also cover women, dating and relationships.

There are certain dating rules that change along with the times. But applying the rules in the current dating scene may not be ideal.

Here are some examples of new dating rules for the modern woman.Do you keep on attracting the wrong type of guys, guys who can’t be loyal, little boys who are not ready yet for a proper relationship?Or is it guys who can’t be trusted and you end up getting hurt, over and over again?If this is you, then the first thing to remember is that you are not destined to be with the wrong kind of guy forever.There is a Mr Right out there, somewhere, for everybody.Be patient and, soon enough, you’ll reap what you have sown. A common mistake is to try and cram romance into a life that is already too full. A budding romance needs a steady diet of some key nutrients.