Regarding the different backgrounds, Marilyn had been single for many years (her previous marriage had been annulled) and lived in a suburban environment and her career was a huge part of her life—though it had been winding down and she was facing a decision on whether to continue working or retire.

Jerry, on the other hand, had been with his deceased wife for his entire life and lived a more rural life.

We later laughed about the fact that we ‘tactfully’ managed to eat some of the dessert without getting the other person’s germs.” Despite a bit of awkwardness with the shared dessert, they both agree that they had a lot of fun and great chemistry.

“They generally didn’t have enough similar interests; plus, I was still going through the grieving process and I may not have been ready to move on yet.” She Was Looking For Someone Close-By Marilyn had been on Catholic Match several weeks and had communicated and met with several men, but none of them were the right match for her.

When Jerry contacted her, she wasn’t sure she wanted to respond because he lived about 40 minutes from her home and she felt that was too far away considering her responsibilities.

Several weeks later I noticed an ad in the church bulletin and decided to take a look,” he recalls. “Two major positives that the Catholic Match site provided for me on my journey was that it helped me move through the grieving process because I met and talked to widows who shared similar experiences.

Secondly, it allowed me to recognize that there may be a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’,” he says.

“I have elderly parents that need a lot of help at times.

This influenced how I felt about long distance dating and my willingness to relocate.” Catholic Match Gave Hope to Jerry Jerry, 64, had been married for more than 40 years to his high school sweetheart.

She was the first person that he met on Catholic Match who lived this close to his home in Michigan.

He contacted her because he liked her attitude and that she was grounded in her faith.

He felt that our relationship was going to be as good as his prior marriage, and he wanted to make every effort to ensure that it worked.