Even if your guy spouts off dirty words with ease (and even if you feel totally awkward), you may have a leg up.

When it comes to sounding sultry, women can easily sex-up the sound of their voice, while men simply cannot, according to a new Albright College study.

Do: Stick with What Works for You“Women think they’re supposed to sound like porn stars,” says Yvonne Fulbright, Ph. But just because Jenna Jameson said it doesn’t mean you have to—the hottest words are the ones that get you in the zone, even if they’re comparatively tame. It can be cute or teasing, innocent, or absolutely naughty,” says Neustifter.

“If you’re not being authentic or you aren’t comfortable, he will feel that,” says Jaiya. “I encourage women to think about times when they feel the most confident and carefree.” If you feel your best giving presentations at work, for example, a powerful bedroom vibe may be your go-to; if you love laughing with your friends, a fun approach may be better.

(In fact, guys were actually seen as less attractive when they tried to sound sexy.)The downside?

Just because you have a natural oral ability (hello, raspy bedroom voice!

“On top of that, you’re arousing him even more, because he’s thinking, ‘Yes!

I’m turning her on.’ That makes him feel more confident.” We call that a win-win.Do: Master the Art of One-Word Dirty Talk Trying to string together a full, filthy sentence can actually tamp down your desire, since you’re inside your head, says Jaiya.“When I do sexuality workshops, the word ‘yes’ is consistently one of people’s favorite words,” says Neustifter.“It’s oftentimes easier to talk about attributes or objects—how sexy a piece of underwear is, or that you really like his beard stubble,” says Neustifter.So start with descriptive statements of what turns you on about him. Plus, it’s almost impossible to flop when you’re telling him how much his body excites you.“The words that turn him on might be tender and loving—that can be just as highly arousing,” Jaiya adds.