Navigate the halls of NYZ as you attempt to make it out without your two best senses, sight and sound.

Whatever you do, make sure not to enter the basement of the Prison System.

The Weapons At NYZ Apocalypse, you will be equipped with a full weight laser rifle.

New scripts, new zombies, new interactions and a long awaited and asked for Boss Battle have been created to spice up our most intense and dark NYZ feature.

NYZ Apocalypse is a unique interactive zombie survival experience.

Experience your beloved fairy tales through the eyes of the most sadistic serial killers imaginable.

Peter Pumpkin Eater, the Apollo prisons most ruthless cannibal has joined forces with other storybook themed serial killers and they are out for blood….yours.NYZ Apocalypse is a unique interactive zombie survival experience, and this year NYZ will be putting on special productions all October long!Fearful Fridays Our special themed events this October cannot be topped.Mutations of the infection have led zombies to act differently throughout the facility.Some run to find their next meal, some will wait until you are within arm's reach, but all of them want one thing; your brains.The Story Inside Apollo Prison, a maximum security prison network, a weaponized viral strand has infected large amounts of the inmates and staff, leading to absolute chaos.