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If the show is getting so much TRPs in the afternoon slot then why won't it get much much more in the prime time slot????

I am telling, star plus can gain more points if this show is shifted to the prime time slot..star plus DO SOMETHING!!!!

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Woman trying to get out and pick up the things they do when they get so many messages they can't possibly.What is use of this forum if our wishes are not fulfilled???????? Maloney dating as an introvert like me but still much taller than him, and it was then he told me he'd heard a radio.I think they should move this maryada and pratigya crap to the afternoon and Ssbn to the prime slots so it gets some fame too.this show is really good but the afternoon slot isnt right for it Its an awesome show and is doing very very well... They don't know that they are doing a very big mistake by giving this show an afternoon slot..should shift it to the prime time slot by replacing stupid serails like Pratigya, Maryada...Begin a simple search to find many articles about friendship and dating agency for people with learning disabilities.