– Reed, age 37 When I moved to Charlotte after being recently divorced, I figured it would be a piece of cake to meet a nice woman. Despite my best efforts to get involved in the community, online dating, making contacts, things were not happening.I heard about Carolinas Matchmaker and scheduled a meeting. I’ve just completed the entire application and submitted it to your site this morning.

They take the time to find that individual match for their clients, while making the process enjoyable and personal.

I had a fair share of bad dates prior to hiring Carolinas Matchmaker, until they set me up on a great date, and now couldn’t be happier thanks to them!

She tries hard to determine what is important to those with whom she works and I believe she is genuinely interested in making a good match for the right reasons.

– Frank, age 52 I was talking to my sister about you earlier today! – Joe, age 45 I recently moved to the area and am very excited to be in the Carolinas Matchmaker database!

I’m so fortunate to have reconnected with you (irrespective of ANY future outcome). I’ve had great conversations with her team so far–I feel like they really listen to me and understand what I’m looking for.

Laurie’s staff is especially skilled at giving honest and thorough descriptions of people so “blind dates” don’t feel so blind or intimidating.

They are not interested in simply making any match, they want to make the right match.

It’s wonderful to be with someone who truly gets me and whom I truly get as well.

Laurie, the owner, said two things which were very important.