I hadn’t had many boyfriends and I think she was worried I was doing something wrong.

So while I may not be as skilled in other areas, I am an unofficial, self-taught love expert according to these books. Johnson This book changed my life and even inspired an entire post.

Johnson describes how romantic love becomes the way in which we attempt to live out our spiritual life through another.

When we stop fearing hurt and instead surrender and stop protecting ourselves from others, true l is possible.

I keep this book on my nightstand to remind myself to be open to love.

9) by Margaret Paul You may be surprised by the simple message of self-love. Paul teaches six steps for loving yourself and healing shame, loneliness, addictions, and insecurity.

The steps range from feeling and connecting to your inner child to taking loving action and listening to higher guidance.

It explores and stresses the importance of emotional intimacy in physical intimacy.

So often, we rush through sex to get to the good stuff (i.e.

These five main needs build lasting intimacy and guide us through the phases of romantic partnership.

8) by Nicole Daedone When I read this on the bus, it is a great conversation starter.

Then several years, forgetting I showed it to him, he gave it to me as a gift!