After their break up, he spread rumors about Buffy being a lesbian. He even went out with the Scoobies to save Giles from a vamp-ridden funeral home on his first date with Buffy.

Owen's only fault was that he was too ready to join the battle with Buffy—and when you have no super strength, you'll wind up dead fast.

To which her co-star David Boreanaz replied, "That must make Angel 280, right?

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Both Buffy and Xander went on to other fulfilling relationships with Angel, Anya, and Spike, but the Xan man was the true beating heart of the whole production. It's that glint in his eyes when he looks at Buffy, that devilish lilt in his voice as he offhandedly calls Buffy "love." It's that heart-wrenching, "No you don't, but thanks for saying it," after Buffy finally confesses her love for him. He was easily the most compelling character on the show.

While I had some real reservations (the potential rape scene is sickening and haunting) about naming Spike the #1 love interest of Buffy, I also know there could be no other.

The thing about Parker, though, is that his behavior towards Buffy is probably the most believable and most human of all of her love interests. A Crestwood College student who lead the cult of Machida (basically a group of sewer lizard worshippers), Tom took high schooler Buffy to a frat party and drugged her in the hopes he could make her into a ritual sacrifice. He's one of the many, many characters who takes advantage of Buffy's trust throughout the series.

This is why you don't go to frat parties with dead-eyed older men, folks. He hands Buffy right over to Spike in exchange for becoming a soulless bloodsucker himself.

Plus, Buffy and Spike's flavor of passionate, super strength sex is unparalleled.

We'll take Spike, peroxide, drunkenness, kitten-gambling and all.

The dude turned into Angelus after taking Buffy's virginity.

As Angelus, he tormented the Scoobies and snapped the neck of the beloved Ms. Buffy's love for Angel was like that of an addict's – she would excuse his worst behavior and keep going back for more.

Invariably wearing a cable knit turtleneck, Riley Finn is the most milquetoast boyfriend to end all milquetoast boyfriends. is actually the last man Buffy has sex with in the series.