This process was developed for Config Mgr 2007, but there is also a way to do it for 2012 as well.A simple task sequence deployed to a collection, a virtual machine (Hyper-V guest) booting with Px E to run that task sequence.When working with new packages, in particular very large ones, or when performing an action with a wizard that insists on adding distribution points (e.g.

Each time the upgrade installs it resets my speech language to “English (United States)” which means Cortana stops working as my Region is set to “Australia” I also use Config Mgr to handle updates on my network (this would also apply for people using WSUS) so when I go into the Region & language settings I don’t get the Speech feature appearing under the “English (Australia)” options. I recently experienced an issue with a very large number of Config Mgr 2007 package updates (400) to a large number of sites (1700).

It turns out there was already a distribution job that was “stuck” in the queue and when the large update went out it resulted in a massive backlog.

To work around this, I just create a “Blank”, or testing Distribution Point Group with no members.

This DP Group is perfectly fine to use in the wizard and allows the package source to be created and downloaded without then needing to wait for it to be sent to the DP.

Under some circumstances, this task isn’t cleaned up and so the reinstall keeps happening [Place holder post – FULL POST write up coming shortly]

forum=configmanagergeneral#39c42c3c-d3af-4362-b097-09c022adc86b An issue where some source folder content of Windows Update deployment packages is deleted for no apparent reason.Content Validation verifies the integrity of the packages on the distribution points.As part of the Insider program I get rather frequent upgrades to Windows 10.The end result being there were over 1.3 million files in the Replication Manager inbox that just weren’t being processed, and the number was increasing.The only option in this sort of situation is to stop the services, move the files out of the inbox, let normal inbox processing resume and then copy the files back in a block at a time.The solution to fix this was easy, since the content was not available anymore.