but it's known primarily as "Blimpy Burger" and, because this is Michigan and we slap an apostrophe-"s" on everything, "Blimpy's" -- deal with it).

If you haven't yet heard, you don't deserve to know -- Ann Arbor's iconic Blimpy Burger, which closed down last year after the building was purchased by University of Michigan to build graduate housing, has now righteously re-opened and is once again serving you steaming piles of house-ground meat alongside salty insults, should you fail to place your order properly.

David has lived in Michigan for his entire life combining a love of nature, astronomy and history with a passion for photography.

Motz's has bigger-sized burgers with an array of other topping options, too, but the old-school slider is just perfect in its simplest form.

What you're getting: The "legendary" triple velveeta cheeseburger with everything Look, you could get a single 1/3-pound patty cheeseburger and call it a day, but you would really be missing out on the full Redamak's experience.

Be warned – they close for the season October 19 and won't open again until spring.

What you're getting: "The Original Red Coat Special" This vaguely Euro-style tavern features a variety of British pub food like fish & chips, shepherd's pie, and Scotch eggs, but all of those are just side dishes for the burger.

Over in Menominee, on the westernmost edge of the Upper Peninsula in a part of Michigan that is basically Wisconsin, they put butter on their burgers, because they are a vastly more advanced society with leaders who are wise and good.

The Wabash is a flame-grilled burger with a pat of butter added on top of the patty and served on a toasty hard roll.

Frank (you know, the owner, who also lives upstairs in the farmhouse) goes out and buys fresh sirloin every day, and the result is a burger that the ancient Greeks would have written epic poems about.

What you're getting: Wabash burger Two words: butter burger.

And not, "oh hey, check out our original stamped tin ceilings that date back to Prohibition"-bar, but a bar located in the basement of a 100-year-old farmhouse in what is now a residential neighborhood just on the outskirts of Mt Clemens that served illegal booze to patrons in secret for 13 years... The bar itself measures roughly 15x30 feet and the ceiling is so low that anyone over six feet tall has to duck.