Unfortunately, I can not just sit and finger point on my Christian fellows.

Muslims who really understand Islam and know Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) must try to stop this evil in Pakistan.

These musical songs (I can not call them Naat) are very disrespectful to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Many of the companions Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) wrote poetry to praise Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) but singing like an Indian song with music is not a Naat. There are several, apparently, Muslim Sufis or Peer who claim that they are the spiritual leaders but they themselves do not know the true spirit of Islam.

During few Days of Hajj, vast majority of the pilgrims do nothing but pray to almighty Allah, remember death and the Hereafter.

The gathering of Muslim pilgrims is very sober and simple.

The World Youth Day pilgrims gave me a very different understanding of Christianity compared to what I know about Christian faith through the Bible.

Christians have changed their religion significantly. Especially during the last century, the followers of Christianity have become so flexible that they have compromised on the basic teachings of Christianity. You will learn what a zoo sex, watch animal porn absolutely free.There is nothing better than looking like a strong zoo fuck young girl or a handsome man has bestiality sex on farm.During the week of “World Youth Day” I was in Toronto. The Pope himself traveled to Toronto to attend week-long gatherings.Thousands of Catholics came from various parts of the world to attend these “very religious” celebrations.There is no sexual relationship even among legally married couples during those days.