Since these organisms are asexual the usual definition of a species as a group of organisms capable of creating fertile offspring is inapplicable, therefore the species concept in these organisms is based on a mixture of morphological and molecular data instead.

DNA studies suggest that the diversity is much greater than the original morphological classifications suggest.

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Most students wear red because that represents the general curriculum, however those studying business wear blue, tradespeople wear black, and people learning about agriculture and farming wear green.

Six-year-old boys at a prestigious Sydney school have been offered counselling after they became involved in "inappropriate sexualised behaviour".

As of 2014, the "most comprehensive phylogenomic analysis of syndermatan relationships" to date was based on transcriptome data from all four groups, and provided "strong support" for the hypothesis illustrated in the bottom left of the figure, in which Seisonidea and Acanthocephala are sister taxa.

The study further indicated that the sister group to this taxon is Bdelloidea, whereas Monogononta is the outgroup to all three.

The position of Bdelloidea within Syndermata (or Rotifera) is not entirely clear.

Alternative possible phylogenetic relationships within the clade are illustrated by the accompanying cladograms.

Trinity Grammar School notified parents at the start of school holidays in December that a group of Year One boys had been getting naked and performing sex acts on each other in toilets and parts of the playground.

Headmaster Milton Cujes said the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) was notified within hours of the Anglican school becoming aware of the situation after one of the boys spoke up.

Supervision policies have been changed and a rule allowing only one boy at a time to visit the toilets during class time has been introduced. Mr Cujes has not revealed how many boys were involved, but it's believed it could be up to nine, including one who has been withdrawn from the school by his parents.