Number of operations executed within the last minutes prior to the application deadline may have an influence on the reaction time of the application system.

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Selection of scholarship holders is carried out by the Selection Committee appointed by the Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic.

The Selection Committee award the scholarships based upon the documents attached to applicants’ online applications.

Scholarship holders are obliged to deliver the bill to SAIA, n.

o., in Bratislava within 60 days from the beginning of their scholarship stay; otherwise, they will lose their right for the reimbursement of the costs.

172/2005 on organisation of state research and development funding, as amended, which has a valid certificate of eligibility to carry out research and development according to the section 26a article 11 or article 12 of the same Act – i.e.

public, private or state universities, research institutions eligible to carry out a doctoral (Ph D) study programme (i.e.

It is provided to interested parties, who dial 0850 123 123.

The Call Centre agent provides you with all the neccesary information on products and services as well as comprehensive information on our bank (foreign exchange rates, interest rates, tariff of fees and charges, branch opening hours, etc.). can obtain information on his account and payment cards only when a security password is provided The provided information is a subject to a request in person, submitted at the branch of Sberbank Slovensko a.s., which maintains his current account, or his corporate account.

Scholarship holders whose scholarship stay in Slovakia lasts longer than 3 months and who are citizens of countries outside the European Union, European Economic Area and Switzerland are obliged to submit to the foreign police office a confirmation that they do not suffer from any disease threatening public health within 30 days from being awarded the temporary residence.

Scholarship holders will be reimbursed the costs related to medical examination and issuing of this confirmation, up to 250 € per scholarship holder, after delivering original of the bill issued by the respective medical institution to SAIA, n. A list of competent medical institutions will be provided to scholarship holders by the respective foreign police offices in Slovakia.

Other applicants (eligible applicants under the categories B) and C) are allowed to submit (fill in) applications in the following languages: If the documents are issued in other than aforementioned languages, these documents must be officially translated into one of the aforementioned languages (translation can be certified by the same institution that issued the respective document).