The, about six months ago, I met someone and totally fell hard.

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In fact, the only thing I was wrong is for not standing up for myself enough. When he disappeared, I thought it was my fault for not showing enough interest for him.

He could only treat me that way because I allowed him to do so and because he knew I'd put up with his bad behaviours. When he was back and was incredibly mean to me, I thought he just pretended it to cover his genuine liking for me. That boy was just mean and the only thing he was genuine about is that he genuinely did not give a damn about me. If you want to know if a guy cares about you or not, you should totally look at his actions, not his words or his excuses.

1) If someone keeps being flaky or says they are too busy, they are just not that into you.

There is one thing you should always keep in mind that: if someone really wants you, they will make time for you. No one is that busy to not even have 5 minutes a day to drop you a text, or at least follow through with your plan together if they truly care about you.

He was the nicest, most honest and loving guy I’d ever met and I felt like I’d won the lottery. Unfortunately, every now and again, I’d get in touch with Rich Guy and my boyfriend would find out every time.

He’d be obviously very upset and I’d promise to never do it again, only to give Rich Guy a call again a few weeks later. I feel like I connect with him on a different level than I’ve ever connected before with someone, and I know he honestly feels the same way.It's basically a win-win situation for both parties.7) If you want yourself or your love life to change, you need to start to do differently. People react to you differently when you carry yourself differently.You can't just keep doing one thing and expect the outcome to be different. All of our calls are platonic, but we’ve gotten to know each other very well since I started dating Nice Guy, and I know now that Rich Guy has serious feelings for me. He is one of those people that I will know for life. Anything I ever tell him I don’t like, he says he will change and honestly tries to, but we just aren’t on the same level for a lot of things. He professionally isn’t where I am, and I think it bugs both of us, but in the past six months he hasn’t done much to advance.It would literally kill him if we broke up, but sometimes I feel like I’m staying with him just to make sure I don’t end up alone or with someone who cheats on me.Even if they're genuinely that busy, a decent person will let you know about their situation and probably not string you along by half-ass dating.