"I had done sex scenes before, but this was a lot of… I told my agent I didn't think I could do this, and he said, ' Believe me, this is your movie.' I've always loved John Waters, Pink Flamingos. People like to discover things like this." Not coincidentally, Baltimore's reigning king of exquisitely bad taste comes up a lot in conversations about The Greasy Strangler, though oddly enough, Hosking says he wasn't aiming for shocks along the lines of Waters' infamous Divine-eats-dogshit moment."I was surprised by reactions to the film," Hosking said.

But I was very keen for this film to not be dark or disturbing …

more like a strange combination of peculiar sexual activity and innocence and sweetness.

We follow around the event’s MC, Chris Trew, one of the most exceptional and exceptionally weird people in the country.

Trew’s done everything from embarrass Howard Stern on to being a championship pro wrestling manager to harassing NBA teams behind the bench at New Orleans Pelicans games.

It may have some stiff competition for being the weirdest film of 2016 (remember that this was the same year in which Daniel Radcliffe played a farting corpse with a boner-compass).

It will almost assuredly, however, take the title for the year's most disgusting movie to feature full-frontal geriatric nudity."I was writing a couple of other scripts with my friend Toby [Harvard]," Hosking says.

One actor recalls reading the script, putting it down and then uttering aloud, "Hell no." Another said that he called the director and asked him, point blank: "What the fuck is this? " At its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival this past January, both the filmmaker and his leading man hastily ran out of their in-progress screening to stress-vomit, while a fellow cast member declared that "the first time I saw, I was appalled." PHOTOS: Alt-Fall Movie Preview 2016: Docs, Horror Flicks and the Truly Demented From stranger-than-fiction masterpieces and indie dramas to shock-cinema showstoppers, here's what's playing outside the multiplex this season So what kind of movie is capable of repulsing its cast, creating near-violent audience reactions and causing such furor even in today's nothing's-shocking age?

Meet The Greasy Strangler, Jim Hosking's sentimental story about family, first love and growing up – which also happens to be chock-full of swaying prosthetic phalluses, synthetic meat drippings that look like cockroach guts, and graphic descriptions of jets of semen arcing majestically through the air.

Michaels), and Janet (Elizabeth De Razzo), the "hootie tootie disco cutie" that comes between them.