Here's a short bio on John from wikepedia: Josh Hansen (born February 16, 1984) is an American professional motocross racer.

The son of retired motocross champion Donnie Hansen, he is best known for winning the gold medal for Supercross at the Summer X Games for two consecutive years.

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Last night on The Hills, the crew marked 100 episodes of the MTV show with a trip to Costa Rica, which offered both incredible scenery and crazy hookups.

It was a nice departure from the clubs and lunches we see in L.

I want someone that doesn't want to be in Hollywood.

I want someone who has their own deal, and who thinks that what I do is 'weird.' " Oh, we're sorry, is what you say and do now supposed to be normal??

The Hills stars Kristin Cavallari and Stephanie Pratt won't win a lot of fashion awards for these. In what would be the most nonsensical, contrived move yet by MTV, Stephanie Pratt is reportedly joining The City once The Hills goes off the air next week.

According to reports, Spencer's sister has been speaking with producers of The Hills spinoff and is intent on coming aboard Whitney Port’s reality series.

That's the most amazing part is that I've realized they can actually be trained.

My perfect man is someone that wants to read a book in Hawaii.

I've decided I want to keeps things very light, and I've realized that guys are children!