Before we get to the findings, some caveats: these are generalities. And maybe these tips will land you more first dates, but it’s unclear whether these are the kinds of first dates you want.

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The musical starred Robert Morse as the young striver J.

Pierrepont Finch, Rudy Vallee as the company president J. Biggley, and Charles Nelson Reilly as Biggley's perpetually peeved nephew Bud Frump.

It was adapted into a movie, also starring Morse and Vallee with Anthony 'Scooter' Teague as Frump, in 1967.

It was successfully revived on Broadway in 1995, starring Matthew Broderick as Finch, and again in 2011 with Daniel Radcliffe playing the role.

Read More Ask someone the question, “How much should I spend on a house?

” and there’s a good chance that they will respond with the 30% rule.Those consumers carried an average total balance of ,554, including mortgage debt. How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying: The Dastard's Guide to Fame and Fortune is a humorous 1952 book by Shepherd Mead.It was a simple third-party credit card authorization. Read More If you’re expecting a big tax refund this year, you’ve probably already decided what you’re going to do with that money.Whether it’s a vacation, a new jet ski or a nice boost to your retirement savings, you’re probably pretty excited about the extra cash.It inspired a successful 1961 musical of the same name, which was made into a movie in 1967.