She feels guilty afterwards and tries to get Kane out of her head.

Sursok told Inside Soap's Jason Herbison "After Dani kisses Kane, she knows it's wrong and decides not to take it any further.

She later explained that she had also become frustrated with the serial's producers.

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She first met Scott on the beach, where he was riding his horse.

Two weeks later, they met again and Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher) informed Dani that Scott had invested in the boat shed and was trying to escape city life.

The problem is, Kane really wants Dani, and he won't take no for an answer." Sursok said "For me as an actor the rape storyline was really good, but unfortunately they ended up cutting everything and we had to re-shoot the whole thing because it was too emotional and too intense." Dani later injures Kane after she hits him with her car and she is sent to prison when she is found guilty of attempted murder.

The storyline unfolded through a series of flashbacks.

The actress successfully auditioned for the role of Dani in 1999 and she called the experience incredible.

Sursok considered herself lucky to get the part, as the audition was the first one she had had since acquiring an agent.

" On Dani's experience inside, Linda Barnier and Andrew Waugh from The Newcastle Herald stated "Dani adopts a tough persona to survive her first day in the Big House.

But it's just a ruse the real Dani's just a scared little girl." The actress told The Sun-Herald's Scott Ellis "I said [to the producers] I know I've been established with all my storylines, but I really want to be able to push myself and really work with something ... I asked for something new and I definitely got it." Dani is later released from prison, but Tricia Martin and Sarah Ellis from Inside Soap commented that she should have stayed inside because then viewers would have been spared the first Summer Bay stalker, Felix Walters (Josh Lawson).

The character was described as being strong, independent and a bit of a rebel by a writer for the show's official website. Dani developed relationships with three of the serial's male characters; Will Smith (Zac Drayson), Josh West (Daniel Collopy) and Scott Hunter (Kip Gamblin).

Dani's first major storyline occurred in 2001, when she was raped by Kane Phillips (Sam Atwell).

She made her first screen appearance as Dani during the episode broadcast on 19 June 2000.