The interactive activities included in this guidebook explore how to raise and nurture confident, courageous, and self-sufficient young women.

A history of how American women have viewed their body image over the past 200 years, and how our culture has become dissatisfied with the physical body leading to weight obsession and dieting.

Targeted for parents, this book gives them advice for recognizing an abusive relationship, discussing concerns with a teen and keeping open communication, understanding the impact of emotional abuse, developing safety plans, using available legal resources, encouraging healthy teen relationships, and connecting with support services.

An investigation into why American adolescent girls experience depression, eating disorders, and suicide attempts at increasing rates, this book attempts to deconstruct the "girl-poisoning" culture we live in.

depicts some shocking stories from two women she interviewed about the abuse they suffered as teens, but also provides advice from a psychologist in Los Angeles and an attorney with the Victim Rights Law Center.

She interviewed Meg from the Mentors in Violence Prevention Program.

The author explores how the effects of aggression can perpetuate stereotypes amongst girls and devastate young women's self-esteem.

A collection of writings from young women that creates a dialogue about self-esteem, self-acceptance, healthy body image, discovering one's inner voice, and developing personal power within a media-saturated culture that perpetuates a static beauty standard. determined that young women find that generalized gender stereotypes limit their abilities to be themselves, accept their bodies, express themselves, take risks, and develop self-confidence.

The statistics on teen dating violence may be hard to comprehend.

Another sobering fact is that even if your teen is able to maintain healthy dating relationships, they are likely to have a friend who isn’t.

It does not just benefit the victim but also those that surround them.” – A Survivor of Teen Dating Abuse on supporting your teen in fostering healthy relationships with their peers and dating partners.

The guide gives specific examples of healthy relationships versus abusive ones, conversation starters you can use, and practical tips on how to navigate the discussion with your teen.

It’s important that everyone know the signs of teen dating abuse and know what to do when they recognize unhealthy behaviors in a teen’s dating life.