Earlier this year it emerged that a retired priest had been allowed to remain a governor for more than a year after child sex allegations came to light.

Canon Gordon Rideout, 73, was charged in June with 38 sexual offences against children and young teenagers dating back to the 1960s and 1970s.

To pay for the IVF treatment vital to producing a male heir to the family's smallholdings, the Panwars sold their buffalos, mortgaged their land, spent their life savings and took out a credit card loan.

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Let’s just run away.” In another, he is reported to have said: “I wanna wake up naked next to you.” Mr Forrest, from Lewes, East Sussex, married Emily Faulder, a 31-year-old photographer, last year in Brighton.

It is not clear whether the couple had split before Mr Forrest left with Megan. Neighbours of Mr Forrest and his wife Emily claimed the couple had rowed “constantly” during the last three years, in argument so intense one sometimes telephoned the police.

The indictment said Mitchell had sexual conversations and exchanged texts and emails with the girl. Lena Edwards Academic Charter School in Jersey City.

She posted $150,000 bail on the condition that she refrain from any contact with the girl. The girl received calls and a text message from Mitchell, police said.

Chief Inspector Jason Tingley, of Sussex Police, said: “We need Megan or Jeremy to make contact with us to help us return her safely to her family.” He stressed that police did not believe that Megan was in any danger.

Many of Megan’s fellow pupils took to social networking sites to express their shock at the news. You were like my favourite teacher as well.” Mr Forrest’s father Jim last night said the family “cannot believe” it and urged him to make contact.

Tradition holds that Shiva descended as a lingam on three mountains: Kaleshwaram, Srisailam and Bhimeswaram, which are said to have marked the boundaries of the Trilinga Desa.

Atharvana Acharya in the 13th century wrote a grammar of Telugu, calling it the "Trilinga grammar" (Trilinga Śabdānusāsana).

Sussex Police have been liaising with their French counterparts and descriptions of the pair have been widely circulated across the Channel.