she can play as naughty/cute girl (Death Note), mean type of girl (Hana Yori Dango), innocent (Liar Game) and so on. Anyways, I love her acting and her toothy smile x3 she's a very good actress.

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The article mentioned that Toda and Katsuji went for a meal at a Japanese restaurant in Tokyo before heading to a discount shop to do some shopping.

After their date, the couple were seen locking arms and holding hands while on their way back to Toda's apartment.

According to insiders, Kase and Toda only started getting closer after they reunited for the first time in 2.5 years for the filming of the WOWOW drama SP last year.

During the press conference and completion screening of "Kono machi no Inochi ni" on 20 March this year, they both revealed that they could trust each other and work well together despite playing characters with a different type of relationship this time.

The pair were seen occasionally holding hands, and one witness stated that when Ayano met with the fashion brand’s president (whom he has known for a long time), he introduced Toda as his girlfriend.

After the show, they both returned to Toda’s apartment.

They say Matsuda Shota did not want to film with her and that why she was not in Liar Game reborn movie, but that is so false!

i really like her in Liar Game and yes i agree with the comment below that she and Shota look good together : D can't wait for her new Liar Game movie!

”Josei Seven” also includes photos of Ayano and Erika holding each other’s hands, and entering Erika’s apartment. Considering people actually are willing to still interview with them.