Its successor, the PHII is still manufactured by Raritan.

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Here is a link to the part: Wilcox 1539 Skipper II Maintenance Kit That’s a good question that I don’t have an answer for.

I do see that the motor assembly is available here: Jabsco 37010 Series, Electric Marine Toilet, Push Button, Spare Parts Our part number is 214180.

I can’t seem to locate a model 37245-1692 anywhere either.

However Jabsco does make a Quiet Flush model 37245-1092.

In the Toilets Outlet, you will find a large selection of boat toilets to meet all budgets and requirements.

We have a choice of Manual Toilets or Electric Toilets.Odds are you've been staring at your Marine or RV toilet with wonder as to how you'd even start going about repairs, how will you find parts or even diagnose the problem, what kind of treatments you should use and why?! Our staff is up to date with the many toilets that have come and gone since 1975!On the rare chance you can stump us we make it our personal goal, within our means, to identify the toilet, problem and parts!Looking for a repair kit for my ’91 Bayliner manual toilet.The plunger mechanism works ok to fill the bowl, but when the flush lever is activated to drain the bowl it doesn’t move the water out to the storage tank. Model #29090-000 29120-000I am wondering if the Jabsco pump itself may have dried out and shrunk just enough to lose the prime.One way to find out (and not spend any money) is to disassemble it, apply petroleum jelly to the seals, reassemble it, and give it a try.