Several readers responded to Monday's report of email messages from Exchange Server that were garbled when viewed from an i Phone or i Pod Touch.

tried updating iphone and lost everything-36

We've previously reported several suggested workarounds. Stuart has another: I have found a fix that works, I set up my Exchange account in my phone as IMAP instead of Exchange.

It works like a charm, but a little tricky to get set up initially.

We finally discovered that both accounts were being accessed by the user's i Phone in addition to their desktop email client.

The i Phones were configured to access the Exchange server using IMAP.

In the mailbox settings on the i Phone, under Advanced/Mailbox Behaviors, "Deleted Mailbox" was pointed to the user's Deleted Items folder on the Exchange server. It appears that with this configuration, deleting a message on the i Phone caused the Deleted Items folder on the server to be nearly emptied (it always left a few recent items, somewhere between 5 and 40).

Changing "Remove Deleted Items" to a setting other than Never had no effect on the problem.

I think the key is changing the outgoing server port to 2525.

First it will error when setting up, but if you try without SSL, it'll let you then go to advanced settings and change the server port.

We were able to use the Outlook "Recover Deleted Items" tool to retrieve the items.

However, anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours later, they would disappear again.

On my i Phone, I just mass select the emails I've sent from the i Phone in the "Sent" folder and move them to the "Sent Messages". Our most recently reported tip (directly above) for fixing the problem of garbled Exchange email viewed from i Phone doesn't work for Eric Bohner.