By calling before the date (or after it), I try to break the ice, make a human connection, show her my personality, and attempt a real relationship here. Putting aside these as exceptions, it basically means the individual is simply too comfortable (lazy) or too hesitant (immature) to live on his or her own. I don’t expect a Medal of Honor, just a “thank you” would be great. By title of this blog, one can infer that I like to communicate with my female of interest via telephony. There may be legitimate reasons for an adult — woman OR man — to live with the ‘rents, such as unemployment, being a student, or taking physical care of a sick family member. As much as I can, I will open doors, grab the check, and be funny (or die tryin’).

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No matter how attractive and available a woman is, I won’t hesitate to cross her out if she meets even one of the criteria here.(Okay, I’ll hesitate for an hour, if she’s Then I’ll cross her out. If she can’t let loose and shake it a little, then I’m sorry.

With all sincerity, I hope I don’t out-dress my date, because that’ll be embarrassing for both of us. Maybe if the girl and I have been seeing each other for some time, I’ll relent.

Or perhaps she’s in grad school for the next year or two or four? They all seem to be unstable, as if literally they are losing their minds while trying to adjust. My eyes can’t roll hard enough when a girl says, “But I don’t like talking on the phone.” Please.

An initial shyness against a phone call is understandable, but that must not last for long. Plus, I would hate to imagine I’m keeping my date’s parents waiting for her while we’re out.

Doing so, will most likely result in an exercise in frustration and disappointment.

While in the dating game, here are some signs to watch out for:1. They not just expect, but often demand that a man should finance all her luxuries in life.No, I’m not telling you that babes with toned bodies are women to avoid.I’m saying specifically that crossfit obsessed babes with toned bodies are women to avoid. Well have you ever met someone who is really into crossfit?Crossfit chicks usually fit one of three molds: 1) an out-of-shape girl trying desperately to burn off the Haagen-Dasz calories, 2) an incredibly hot, super-fit girl with an incredible body, or 3) a female Hulk.Descriptions 1 and 3 are obviously going to result in a hard pass 99% of the time anyway, but Girl #2 is a unique case study. I’m not expecting a gown for the red carpet or a job interview business wear, but I will make effort myself with a sports coat and a tie. Women who ask me to hold their handbag (of any size) while they go pee. Women who are “exploring” or “figuring things out.” This is almost an euphemism for “I can’t be exclusive with one man.” Even if that isn’t true, she can explore all she wants without me, because I’m busy building, not exploring.