A virus known as This is a type of aggressive malware which infects your computer so that it can effectively be ‘taken over’ by the criminals.

It can be used for a number of different criminal activities such as viewing your files, monitoring your bank accounts, sending emails in your name and even using your webcam to physically spy on you. Ransomware known as Crypto Locker is a virus which criminals use to prevent you opening any files – effectively locking down your PC – before issuing you with a ransom demand.

Remember that making sure that updating your operating system and software are good habits to get into so you should be doing this on a regular basis.

If you pay the ransom, there is no guarantee that it will be unlocked.

Once your computer is locked, it is effectively rendered useless as you cannot access your email, files, photos, music or bookmarks.

AVG Anti-Virus 9.0 is available in free and commercial editions.

AVG 9.0 has identity theft protection through a partnership with Intersections Inc.

How computers get infected You probably receive many emails claiming to be from your or another bank, a government body or other official source, urging you to check your account, claim a refund or other action. In this case, the criminals have also stolen or hacked email lists and can make it make it appear as if these are spam emails coming from a friend's email account.

In this particular attack, the act of opening the attachment in such an email automatically ‘tells’ the Trojan to download the Gameover Zeus and Crypto Locker from a server normally located abroad, of which there are thousands which exist purely for criminal purposes. If Gameover Zeus cannot ‘find’ enough on your computer to make a profit for the criminals, Crypto Locker will take over, effectively lock down your machine and demand a ransom.

A joint project of AVG and Israeli start-up Zbang, Multimi is a free Windows desktop and i Pad app for organizing and sharing content between multiple inboxes, social networks, calendars, and media albums.

AVG PC Tune Up is an application designed to speed up the computer by removing files that may slow down the operating system and optimizing some of its settings.

The proceeds of their crime are also used to fund further organised crime.