I had debated ending with the coverage on WABS, the code-sample heavy posts on REST, or even an end-to-end build-out of a solution using the new Share Point adapter.

Instead, I am going to focus on something which really causes Biz Talk Server 2013 stand out from the rest, and is born out of its lengthy history as Microsoft’s flagship integration platform – the Biz Talk Server 2013 Community.

If that’s the case for anyone out there, here’s an example of the problem I’m going to try to solve using the WABS mapper.

We have an input that is a repeating record of items where there is a qualifier that describes that type of item we’re looking at, and a value that provides the value of the item.

Countless community contributors and careful curating by contributors like Steef-Jan Wiggers, have grown this free-form body of knowledge into a treasure trove of information about all versions of Biz Talk Server – including pointers to the edges of the Biz Talk Server Community itself.

Finally, if you want to see the Biz Talk Server community thrive, go to one of the Biz Talk Summit events.

Just last year he launched Biz Talk which aggregates event schedules from Biz Talk Server user groups and training classes from all over the world.

It also features a presentation archive organized by date and event, complete with slide deck downloads.

EDIT: Michael Stephenson also pointed out that another interesting initiative that has come about during this latest round of Biz Talk Server offerings is the Biz Talk Maturity Assessment, which helps organizations determine their level of maturity across a variety of different areas, and then use the results of the assessment to grow those areas in which they need work.

Since Biz Talk Server is often used to build mission critical systems, it has tended to attract fairly high quality third-party products.

This generation of 3rd party products entering the Biz Talk Server 2013 ecosystem is certainly raising the bar though for quality and innovation.

One really only needs to look at the latest (currently in Beta) version of Kovai’s Biz Talk 360 headed up by Microsoft Integration MVP Saravana Kumar.

If you ever want to be inspired and feel like a small part of a much larger community, just read through either Richard Seroter’s 4 question series, or Steef-Jan Wiggers’ Biz Talk Community Series.