Social Experiments DC hosts dating events and activities for single gay men.

Our mission is to create unique and positive social opportunities that connect single men that are interested in dating and/or establishing relationships with other single men.

Age also matters: few 22-year olds will date 39-year-olds.

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And they've all left the city proper for places like Clarendon in Northern Virginia (#boring), and they never want to go out anymore. And you'll either cackle about it with your coworkers or die a little bit on the inside.tumblr.com9.

does not lack in rich, loaded people, and you always learn a lot Date Lab. So chances are you, your coworker's sister's sorority sister, or that guy you went on three dates with a year ago who mysteriously disappeared, is going to end up in the Wa Po's always-entertaining singles matchmaking section.

C.'s dating scene is full of people who have exceptional resumes. is actually a very small town particularly when it comes to dating.

And she's also right that this doesn't always lead to easy love connections. I'm married and have been off the dating scene for nearly a decade now myself.

If he has some other preferences (say, he's average height for a man and prefers to date someone shorter) or considers religious/political compatibility a must, the list would grow shorter still. For example, there are likely fewer than 800 single, straight, Asian, college educated men between 25 and 29 who live in the District.

Sometimes the pools can be very, very small: I had a Jewish, conservative, gay woman intern for me at one job and later hired another woman who I found out had the same characteristics.

I later learned out the two had been out on a date together independently of me.

Likewise, when one friend of mine wrote an article about polyamory in area, I realized I had once been out on a date with the subject of the article. I dunno.) Of course, it's easy to overstate things: D.

Specifically, we'll host speed dating events, singles mixers and other activities designed to enable members to meet one another for the purpose of dating and/or establishing intimate relationships.