Hines Hines, Annie Keeton, Andrew Ray Keeton, C. Beasley (Double) Marine Evie Lee Beasley, Robert E. Haygood, Vera Lurine Haygood (Double) Pauline K. 1893 1953 Haygood (Triple) Algie Lee no death date father Sybil no death date mother Gary Michael son Bradley (Double) Herbert Y. Bradley Alabama Medical Rep1 Unit 39 WWI - Ethel Bradley (Double) Bettie W.

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Killen Sgt US Army WWII - [sic] No Name no dates a rock & brick for markers Beasley, Alvin L.

Beasley, Roxie Beasley Infant no other date son of M/M T. Beasley Rhodes (Double) Bertha Floyd no death date m Irons Infant 1951 no other date Infant dau of Robert & Cora Irons Irons (Double) Robert Lee no death date father Cora Belle mother Fowler, Ethel Jane no death date Fowler, Tommie Lee Fowler, Weldon R. Fowler Alabama Pfc, 12 Cav, WWII - Fowler, Louisa I. Arnett, Mary Lee dau of Henry & Arlie Arnett Hines, Henry T. Lewis No Name no dates concrete block & brick marker Keeton (Double) Pauline K.

Corp Co H, 49 Inf Infant [no name given] no dates Forsyth, Ella May Schneiderwindt, Florence Forsythe Schneiderwindt, Harry Tedy served in US Army, WWI Beasley, Ray H. & Marine Beasley Valentine Infant no other date son of J. & Sarah Valentine Hipps, Jeffery David Wilson (Double) Phillip 1817 1902 Nancy 1828 1920 Thigpen, John C.

no death date Hines, Kelvin Hines (Double) Leona E. Retherford, Marie Hines Forsyth, Elizabeth age about 75 yrs Forsyth, Smith Forsyth, Herman B.

New inmates are constantly added, and you will find names and information will often change as inmate identities are verified and updated.

CEMETERIES - TOWNSHIP 1, RANGE 11 ROGERS CHAPEL CEMETERY Surveyed by Orlan Irons, To reach this cemetery from Florence, take Cox Creek Parkway and turn north onto AL 17 (Chisholm Road); go 7.8 miles to the cemetery.

funeral home marker: Mary Maude Wilson, - , age 85 Herbert T.

(This might be marked off for later use) Givens (Double) Gertie M.

Mary Frances age 86 funeral home marker: [same as above?

Hines No Name no dates a rock for marker No Name no dates 2 rocks for marker No Name no dates a rock for marker Parker, James W.

This document lists the most recent admissions to the Gwinnett County Detention Center This information is presented in Date order, beginning with the most recent admissions.