Luciana was voted one of the most beautiful female politicians on the planet.

We all don’t have to think the same thing but it’s important to state what we think.” See, George? Tamara Mellon (Entrepreneur) Tamara has that lanky, big-boobed brunette thing you seem to adore, but as the founder and president of Jimmy Choo, she has smarts, too.

She was ranked one of the richest women in Britain, which means she won’t be after your wallet.

If you saw her rap on SNL, you know she also has a sense of humor.

Here’s a quote from Natalie: “To get a real deep, nuanced understanding of human behavior, art is the best way.” Do Italian models use words like ‘nuanced? Luciana Léon (Congresswoman, Peru) How ‘bout this, George? she’s from South America, we know how you dig foreign chicas.

We’ll call you “Galle.” Or, um, “Heorge.” So, there you have it.

Six successful, brilliant and foxy ladies who I’m sure would be honored to accept an invitation from Hollywood’s sexiest leading man.

Plus, she got in trouble for staying silent while her politician dad accepted bribes, which means she has a naughty side.

George, I can just imagine you salivating into your Armani necktie.

Which is an animal lover Clooney, 18 years Max is fed pig.

George Clooney has two feeding bulldog break his vows of celibacy in the direction of the world for the second time in 2014 and entered the house.

Alicia Keys (Musician) While her peers shake their backsides singing about trifles, feisty Alicia dominates the stage with a piano and pair of pipes that blow her bootylicious competition into the audience.