On April 26, 2015, at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view, during Rusev's rematch for the United States Championship against Cena in a Russian Chain match, Lana garnered a positive reaction from the crowd, which led to Rusev banishing her from ringside.

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Lana made her return, once again as a villainess, on the November 30 episode of Raw, during a Miz TV segment, where she and Rusev referenced their engagement.

Before going on another hiatus from television for unknown reasons, Lana appeared on the January 25, 2016 episode of Raw, during a segment alongside The Rock. (Naomi and Tamina), causing her to lose, and aligned herself with Naomi and Tamina, following a backstage confrontation with Paige.

The students, known as the Florida State Cowgirls, entered the public consciousness after being acknowledged by commentator Brent Musburger during a game between the Florida State Seminoles and the Miami Hurricanes that aired on ABC in September 2005, with Musburger quipping "1,500 red-blooded Americans just decided to apply to Florida State".

In 2009, Perry joined No Means Yes, a girl group signed to Ne-Yo's record label comprising Perry (billed as "C. The group released one single, "Would You Like That", and recorded two others ("7 Years Bad Luck" and "Burn Rubber") before disbanding in 2010.

J." Perry (born March 24, 1985) is an American actress, dancer, model, professional wrestling manager, professional wrestler, and singer currently signed to WWE under the ring name Lana, performing on the Raw brand as the manager of her real-life husband Rusev.

Perry and her family remained in Latvia after it restored its independence from the Soviet Union in August 21, 1991.

No va a haber grito, va a haber silencio, por México.

Hagamos algo con verdadero valor para México, algo que demuestre que estamos unidos, y en desacuerdo con la manera y rumbo que le han dado a este país.

On the March 14 episode of Raw, she once again distracted Brie during a tag team match against Team B. After Rusev's and Lana's wedding celebration was usurped by Roman Reigns, Rusev was set on another match for the United States Championship against Cesaro, in which he successfully defended the title before being speared by Reigns on the August 8 episode of Raw, Lana has appeared in three WWE video games.