In my opinion it sounds much nicer than French (which many people tend to rate as the nicest sounding language) and I can even go as far as saying right now that it is my .It has lots of interesting characteristics that make it very unique and interesting to study.

Having this in mind and an eye on the 2016 Olympic Games that will be hosted by Brazil, the federal deputy Jean Wyllys presented, in 2013, the Gabriela Leite project of law.

A project that aims to regulate the sex worker profession and rights.

If you've ever been in Brazil, please share your reasons for also liking them in the comments!

Is there another culture or language you are passionate about?

The reason I like Brazil so much is plain and simple; it has the coolest people on the planet!

I am so passionate about this belief, that the purpose of one of my last visits was to and see if I can understand them better by emulating them; imitation is, after all, the best form of flattery!Brazil is considered to have the worst levels of child sex trafficking after Thailand, with an estimated 250,000 children involved.The illegality of these types of houses is almost a contradiction, considering that most of the sex workers can’t afford to work in an autonomous way.However, I'll admit that my love for Brazilian Portuguese has a lot less to do with grammar, vocabulary, syntax, pronunciation etc.and a lot more to do with something integrally attached to many languages; the culture of its speakers.There are lots of great things in Brazil; the tropical climate, the food, the drinks, the Carnaval and parties, the dances, their passion for sport, the vast range of nature, the amazing mix of European/South American/African cultures and skin colour, the beaches, and so much more.