I wondered if the libopenscap8 package of Ubuntu (and probably Debian) is properly configured but after a reviewing the configure is called as bellow: Hi, @yuumasato I don't think I will have enough time to fix it for this release.

La zone de recherche de Fire Fox est bien pratique, difficile de remettre cela en cause.


What is "strange" is that the ds:data-stream-collection doesn't contain the ssg-debian8

Looks like the oscap 1.2.9 properly deactivate the OCIL integration in the DS: I didn't specify any configure time options (other than prefix). If I manage to make it work before the deadline I will set the patch as a Debian quilt patch for the scap-security-guide package, waiting for the next release to go upstream.

This way I can have different formats when serializing to JSON or XML.

I've found a way to do this without using IXml Serializable.

==== Paths ==== Schema files: /usr/local/share/openscap/schemas Default CPE files: /usr/local/share/openscap/cpe Probes: /usr/local/libexec/openscap ==== Inbuilt CPE names ==== ==== Supported OVAL objects and associated Open SCAP probes ==== OVAL family OVAL object Open SCAP probe ---------- ---------- ---------- (null) system_info probe_system_info independent family probe_family independent filehash probe_filehash independent environmentvariable probe_environmentvariable independent textfilecontent54 probe_textfilecontent54 independent textfilecontent probe_textfilecontent independent variable probe_variable independent xmlfilecontent probe_xmlfilecontent independent environmentvariable58 probe_environmentvariable58 independent filehash58 probe_filehash58 linux dpkginfo probe_dpkginfo linux inetlisteningservers probe_inetlisteningservers linux rpminfo probe_rpminfo linux partition probe_partition linux iflisteners probe_iflisteners linux rpmverify probe_rpmverify linux rpmverifyfile probe_rpmverifyfile linux rpmverifypackage probe_rpmverifypackage linux selinuxboolean probe_selinuxboolean linux selinuxsecuritycontext probe_selinuxsecuritycontext linux systemdunitproperty probe_systemdunitproperty linux systemdunitdependency probe_systemdunitdependency unix file probe_file unix interface probe_interface unix password probe_password unix process probe_process unix runlevel probe_runlevel unix shadow probe_shadow unix uname probe_uname unix xinetd probe_xinetd unix sysctl probe_sysctl unix process58 probe_process58 unix fileextendedattribute probe_fileextendedattribute unix routingtable probe_routingtable unix symlink probe_symlink The build seems to work (chomium done, fedora done, rhel6 done, no building rhel7...) It seems that the Ubuntu Xenial version of Open SCAP (1.2.8) doesn't support the newly generated files, but I don't know why.

@pthierry38 A think a solution would be to figure out which version fixes this and check for it at configure time.And the example given is a simplified version of the classes.I can decorate using certain XMLxxx and Dataxxx attributes at the same time right?Use the Xml Dictionary Writer for formatting necessary parts and for the rest just stick with the Data Contract Serializer.I created an interface for My Collection I have to be honest, I am unsure of where the code in my answer is failing you.. I mean my question seems quite straight forward right?It is also possible that the server is currently experiencing high loads, so please try again later by clicking on the Back button on your browser.