With reference to tuber-propagated plants, for which a plant patent cannot be obtained, the term “tuber” is used in its narrow horticultural sense as meaning a short, thickened portion of an underground branch.Such plants covered by the term “tuber-propagated” are the Irish potato and the Jerusalem artichoke.

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Where color is a distinctive feature of the plant, the color should be positively identified in the specification by reference to a designated color as given by a recognized color dictionary.

Where the plant variety originated as a newly found seedling, the specification must fully describe the conditions (cultivation, environment, etc.) under which the seedling was found growing to establish that it was not found in an uncultivated state. It therefore follows that only one claim is necessary and only one is permitted.

To do this we must increase our political clout in Washington, DC, our state capitals and our city, town and village halls. If you’re not already enrolled, we encourage you to take advantage of our relationship with Rock the Vote.

It only takes a few minutes and is so important to our future as renters.

A significant goal of the project is to spread awareness of the option to treat PTSD with a low-cost, fast, non-chemical therapy not currently in widespread use in Veterans Administration care facilities while sharing the remarkable healing journeys of the combat veterans and their families and friends featured in this groundbreaking film.

Where there was little or no hope for significant recovery from the effects of complex PTSD, the techniques demonstrated in this pilot project and follow-up provide an irrefutable document of the options and the impact of complimentary therapies at a time when the costs, effectiveness and the ultimate future of hundreds of thousands of returning service people are being compromised.

Screenings and presentations by licenced health care providers and members of this project - including the veterans featured, are available to help build greater understanding and support for assisting active and returning service men and women and their families looking to deal with PTSD.

Skywriter Communications is a media producer of public awareness programming.

Producer/director Eric Huurre spent two years covering this groundbreaking look into healing and health care of combat veterans.