At this extraordinary juncture in reality TV’s short history, one show stands out among the others. The chick with the Australian accent just said so again! But that must have been the kiss of death for poor Beau, because the next thing you know, Amanda’s saying they’re just friends, and then she starts flirting with Alex, then she kissed Zack, then her ex-boyfriend visited and she really seemed to love him, even though he was all butt-white and sober.

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One time, George and I broke into school with a whole bunch of spray paint, and we... George: Carmen, you're lucky you have parents who care. Carmen: I just got my letter from Northern Vermont, but I'm afraid to open it.

[chuckling]George: (to Benny) You wanna field that one? I partied with Chingy and I shared a sandwich with a homeless guy. So no more curfews, no more rules, I'm an adult, and tomorrow night, I'm going out. Now, at the time, I was already growing vegetables in the garden; I didn't want one walking around my house.

A new social experiment provided daters with a radical dating experience where before they bared their souls they bared everything else first.

Dating Naked is a series that explores the art of romance, free of preconceived notions, stereotypes – and clothes.

alum, who finished fourth on Desiree Hartsock's season, recently married his fiancée Elizabeth Coulon in Ireland."Married ✔," Waddell shared on Instagram while sharing a candid photo with his new wife at the Gougane Barra Hotel. Photo Cred to @benscott07 & @lindsaybrookehiggins."While the wedding may have happened two weeks ago, the couple had a separate celebration closer to home this weekend that was attended by a few familiar faces.

Juan Pablo Galavis, Drew Kenney, Dan Cox and Michael Garofola were all on-hand to celebrate the union at the Las Colinas Country Club in Irving, Texas Saturday night.

"I think that she at certain points really questions her decision to keep it, which couldn't be further from my own life."Sanchez, 37, and Gilford, 33, got married in 2012 after two years of dating.

'Zach is completely built for marriage, he's one of the most loyal human beings on the planet,' he continued, using a sports analogy to illustrate Zach's determination as a soccer player and as a person.

Okay, we did not raise you this far so you can screw up your life with Zack, so there is no way in hell that you are ever gonna see him again! I'll just go to bed, but I want you to know things aren't the same. I told her I never forgave her for cheating on my dad. George: I told her the same thing I wrote on her Mother's Day card: "You're old and the better not lose your job, because sabes que?